Friday, September 13, 2013

For Catherine

For Catherine

Be Mine, my Love

turn not your face away

nor roll your tiny gimlet eyes

looking for easier prey

I'm yours, I'll not ever stray

Forget the horse, the cow, the sheep

memorize not my broken fence, too easy to leap

consider not the poodle, easy to defeat

I'm yours, yours, virginal and sweet

I've combed my hair to emulate your look

for my tattoos, every antibiotic I have took

for you, for you, my square-headed vice

I'd lie, I'd steal, I'd bolt in a trice

with you at my side our escape we'd enact

and snuggle together till the HATERS!!! react

How could they hate you, my calamitous heart?

My life now has meaning, from you I won't part

till a bad man with catch pole doth hustle you thither

while I wring my empty hands, wail excuses and dither

to none that understand that love most rarest

whether wiggle of butt or licked unto death

The truest Pit lover is them that is barest.


catherine hedges


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