Monday, September 16, 2013

a o way to go ohio

Robert Marx was acquitted for shooting a pit bull after a fight "broke out" at a dog park.

"The prosecutor argued that he had no right to kill one dog to save another."

nutter alert

hey, i thought Marx was charged for firing a weapon to protect mere PROPERTY?

me thinks the prosecutor has a nutter on staff and is exploiting loopholes to protect gripping dogs.

committing perjury

committing perjury

finding Marx not guilty was as easy peasy as owning a lab. the judge listened to Marx testimony and weighed it against the lies of HORNSBY and PARKER.

KAITLYNN HORNSBY said she and four others tried to get her mutant to release Marx's little dog. and KAITLYNN HORNSBY said that Marx didn't even give her a chance to get her mutant. i like watching that news snippet of these two idiots. PARKER sounds like a halfwit from the Appalachia and HORNSBY is obviously lying. watch her again. she starts to retell the event but when she comes to the self-incriminating part, she stops short and repeats herself and she touches her face.

and of course this whopper of a contradiction, "BRUSKI was just playing" and Marx's dog bit BRUSKI first."

i'm sure there were more lies. i bet the court transcripts are a hoot. i would have loved a front row seat. i wonder if SHANA KLEIN attended?

“At the time I think your actions were justified. It's hard to second guess the outcome of a dog fight.” ~Judge Bouchard

the judge gets it. they usually do.

ohio injustice


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