Monday, September 16, 2013

Pooches: Mr B's "Cape Feare"

When most people see Mr. B, they usually just see a big-headed, huge-muscled lunk.

You would think he's fearless.

Though Mr. B doesn't see himself that way. He has a huge fear of small dogs, and he is even more afraid of...cats.

At the sight of a cat, Mr. B will squeal like a little piglet, and literally sprint away in the other direction.

Unfortunately for us, we live near a large feral cat colony. These cats survive on the "mean streets of Chicago" and they are fearless. Once, one even slowly sauntered down the sidewalk towards Mr B, and slashed him across the face "Zorro-style".

These cats hang out a mere few houses away, and Mr. B is always nervously watching for them on our daily walks.

During his photoshoot, Mr. B has the unsettling feeling he is being watched.

While we still see the Zorro-cat, there is one single cat that Mr. B is even more afraid of: the fluffy white cat.

It's almost like it is stalking Mr. B. It pops up from the most unexpected places and it watches him unwaveringly.

It keeps Mr. B on high alert. The other day he thought he saw it under a car so he dashed away. It turns out, it was only a white plastic bag floating by.

Another time I was picking up the dogs' poo during our walk, and Mr. B suddenly jumped up from his sit-stay and started squealing and bouncing. I made him stay again, so I could finish picking up, but I couldn't understand why he kept squealing. Then I saw over his shoulder, the fluffy white cat's face peeking out from behind a tree.

I used to think that maybe it reminded Mr. B of another cat in his past life. Or maybe that cat knew a dog just like Mr. B when they were back in the shelter together. But really, I think Mr. B might be startled and unnerved because the cat has an expression that looks eerily like this:

P.S. We could never get close enough for a real photo, but this is the closest Internet image I could find to what Mr. B's nemesis really looks like.


What he's really like.

Because of this, Mr. B keeps asking for his own pet cat.

Miss M's own literary tale.

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